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Welcome to Mistyglen Creamery! We are a small dairy farm located very close to the little town of Belmont, Ontario. It brings us great excitement to be a partner in our local community offering locally made farm fresh products. There is no doubt that dairy will be the pillar of our products however we intend on offering a boutique location offering other locally and/or artisanal goodies. If you are a social media user, be sure to follow both our creamery and farm page. We are active posters throughout the various social media platforms. We want to share with you what it’s like to own and operate our dairy farm and you can get our latest updates and/or current events should you chose to follow.


Our Story

It starts with a desire to diversify our dairy farm and give opportunities to those interested in food production from farm to table.

Fresh From The Farm

Mistyglen Creamery offers farm fresh products that consumers can purchase locally on our farm through our retail store.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out either through our contact page or emailing us directly.

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This one pertains to dairy foods!

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Kadie has picked the name for Jibberjabber's calf! Watch the video for the reveal.

We can tell already that she has her mother's off-the-wall personality.

Thanks to everyone for the name suggestions. I've compiled them all in a list for future "J" calves.

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Fresh Cheese Curds are coming very soon! 🔜🤓

Here is a glimpse at our packaging! Thanks to Amanda for helping us with our labeling design!

By now you can probably see the theme developing!

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Here are our "J" name suggestions so far for Jibberjabber's heifer calf. While they are all great, our "J" family is pretty prolific in the herd so there's quite a few that have been used previously:

- Jig
- JIggle (Jiggles is Jibberjabber's sister)
- Jumperoo
- Juice/Juicy (Juicy is Jibberjabber's niece)
- Juniper
- Jitterbug (Jibberjabber's great aunt)
- Jill/Jilly
- Junebug
- Josie (Josey is Jibberjabber's calf from last year)
- Jubilee (Jibberjabber's great niece)
- Jinx (Jibberjabber's niece)
- Jillion
- June
- J-moooo
- Jiggy (Jibberjabber's sister)
- Jazz/Jazzy (Jibberjabber's cousin)
- Jujube/Jubejube (Jibberjabber's sister)
- Jolene
- Jababy
- Juno (Jibberjabber's sister)
- Jeunesse
- Joyful
- Jasmine (Jibberjabber's cousin)
- Jules
- Jerseygirl
- Jellybean (Jibberjabber's great aunt)
- Jebbie
- Julep/Julip
- Jabberwocky (Jibberjabber's cousin)
- Jemma
- Jupiter
- Jennylou
- Jib Junior

Kadie will pick the name tomorrow, so get any more suggestions in before Wednesday evening!

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May 05, 2021


Our first batch of meat chickens arrived yesterday which means whole roasting chickens will be available for purchase towards the end of June.  

April 04, 2021

Exciting News

We excited to finally share that we are starting construction next week!