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About Us

We are the Pettits!

Murray & Betty, Suzanne, Tom & Kris , Maddie & Kadie.

We have been part of this community for over 200 years. The original family homestead was settled in 1816 and Mistyglen Creamery is located just east of that, on a parcel of land our father purchased at the age of 19, in 1957. Our generational roots have cultivated our values to own and operate not just a dairy farm but being good stewards of the land alongside building relationships with local businesses and the people that surround us. In what many consider a unique arrangement, Tom and Suzanne, as siblings, have been working together for over 20 years to continue the family tradition of a “lifetime dedicated to quality”. Now, we are joined by Tom’s wife Kris, and their two daughters – Maddie and Kadie – in our newest venture to bring local dairy products directly to the people in our neighbourhood. It is here where we are able to connect with our community, encourage buying local with the added comfort knowing your food is healthy and fresh.

Our Story

Mistyglen Creamery has been a vision of ours for many years. It is our belief that the divide between farmers and consumers, rural and urban, needs to be reduced. Understanding where and how your food is produced is a necessity for healthy choices and a balanced perception. We have hosted many public tours, including several schools and educating young people about proper animal welfare and food production has become a passion. Mistyglen Creamery is an extension of that desire to provide a more transparent look into how milk gets from the cow to your glass and to provide the freshest, highest quality products while doing so. Our milk products come to you with confidence, passion and quality. We want to share with our consumers the joys of farming, get to know “our ladies” and become acquainted with your farmer. Healthy. Local. Connected.